RUPERT LEIGHTON All Kinds Of Fine Rupert Leighton

Truly living up to his album title ALL KINDS OF FINE, British pianist and composer Rupert Leighton stirs up an enticing mix that includes groove-driven, in the pocket smooth jazz, improvisational straight ahead jazz, stride and soothing new age elegance. Adding to the expansive sonic intrigue, Leighton also plays vibraphone, alto sax and bass. All of these delights add up to ALL KINDS OF FINE!

Rupert Leighton plays some of the funkiest keyboards you will hear anywhere. He’s returned with a fresh collection of fusion flavoured jazz that is sure to get him noticed.’ – (SMOOTH JAZZ THERAPY, UK)
A great creator of sonorous atmospheres. Rupert is able to put together ancient and modern instances, bass and rhythmical programming, original groove and stunning improvisation, the taste of Latin America together with funky and chill-out atmospheres. With a good technique and enjoying capability….rare refinement and rhythm.’ – SCAZZOLA GIOVANNI PIETRO, RADIO GOLD POPULAR NETWORK, ITALY)
‘Englishman Rupert Leighton has a way with making his piano dance, whether to digital bass and rhythmical programs or to lavish cymbal and horn formations. The album is a synthesis of Jamiroquai-like beats and Chopin’s rattling piano flitters…club/dance jazz that forms great escapes to plunge into and feel free. It’s music whose elements are familiar, but have never been arranged like this before’ – (JAZZ REVIEW.COM)

I thought Mr.Leighton’s first recording was outstanding but he has surpassed himself with his latest one. This is superbly composed, produced and arranged and contains an excellent mix of themes and moods. It is atmospheric, innovative and haunting with strong melody content and excellent rhythm. From first to last, ‘Take the Sidewalk’ is of the highest quality. Full marks! – (JOHN REID, KEITH COMMUNITY RADIO, UK)

‘It is good to see that contemporary jazz is in more than capable hands. Rupert’s inclusion of that mellow groove mixed with a dash of chill, creates a very personal album. A must have!’ – (TONY BATES, HIGHLANDS 100.7FM RADIO, AUSTRALIA) 


Rupert Leighton is a young genius. His sophomore project opens new perspectives in contemporary jazz. Intelligent arrangements and consistent conversion of ideas, talent and acquired mastership make this album something special in the music world.’ – (SMOOTHJAZZ.DE)